Thursday, May 27, 2010

Malpe beach rated as best beach in India

Malpe beach is one of the finest beach in India.  The golden sand, peaceful waves, safe swimming surface, camel rides, kite flying, etc along with Paradise resort is a total package for the tourist visiting Dakshin kanara.  The distance of Malpe beach from the main town is around 6 kms.  It is well connected with all modes of transport, autorikshaw return fare would cost 150 to 200 bucks depending on the waiting time spent on the beach.  Buses ply between the port and city and from there the beach is 1 km away.  The Malpe port is the entry point to St Mary's Isle too.

I remember my dad took me to Malpe beach when our Late PM Indira Gandhi was brutally assasinated on 31st October 1984.  The enitre town was barricaded with curfew because of riot like situation.  My dad wanted us to enjoy the unscheduled holidays of 3 days.  Our daily routine was to visit the beach in the morning, with a black flag installed on our car, to avoid being arsoned by the crowd. 

The water was greenish blue, and less salty.  My dad took me neck deep into the water boldly despite knowning that we did not learn to swim.  That was a great feeling with 5 cousins giving us company.  This experience became firmly etched in my memory even after 26 years.  Today the scenario on Malpe beach has vastly changed from a rustic environs to broad roads and well designed parking bays for vehicles.  The crowd is very sober with hardly any foreigners seen loitering around.  The beach is total family package and fun spot for an evening.  The Sun set hues is magnificient, the photography can be mind blowing with a good digital camera.

Malpe happens to be a fishing harbour, the stink can be abnoxious for vegetarians, if one prefers to stay away from the foul smell one of the best option is to visit paradise resort beach of Malpe and avoid St Mary's Isle.  The ferry point for going to St Mary's Isle passes through the fishing harbour.  The cusines particularly sea food is excellent.  One can have an excellent cusine of South canara sea food at Panchratna paradise near High court, Keydioor near Udupi bus stand, Karavalli and Sharada international on the highway.  Even Paradise Resorts have put a sign board that they offer accomodation @ Rs 1500 above per day.

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